No. 126 P

This pen is from the personal collection of Joudenali. Watch out for reviews of truly rare pens from his treasure chest!

The first series of Meisterstück pens completed their run in the mid-1930s and were replaced by the 10x series Meisterstück safety pens that brought the flat-top design we love so much! Very soon after the launch of the 10x series came the 12x series, which was almost a 10x but with the Stoßfüller or push-knob filling system. Soon after the introduction of the 12x came the 13x series with its telescopic piston. All three series - the 10x, 12x, and 13x - were available simultaneously in the market for a short time before the safety and Stoßfüller were phased out and the 13x reigned supreme through the 1940s. 

The 126 P was produced in Germany for a short period of time between 1935-37.

According to an old catalogue, the 128 replaced the No. L 35 model from the first Meisterstück series. 

The 126 was available in a variety of designs like hatched guilloche (S), Glossy black (G), platinum lined (PL) colour, and pearl marbled (P).  While the 12x series are highly collectible in general, the pearl marbled colour (P) is more difficult to find and considerably valuable. 

The 126 P measures 12.5cm capped which is only 0.5cm longer than the 128. But, in this picture we actually see three 126s - the S (left), PL (centre) and P (right). Jordi explains that they are of different size because the hard rubber 126S was longer and then the German market 126PL wanted to match that size, but this was not done for the 126P.


The clip found on the 12x series was the exquisite tie clip introduced by the 10x and carried forward by the 13x series. The barrel and cap colour on this pen has ambered a little over time. This is common and practically unavoidable for pens with the pearl material that have seen use in their lifetime. 

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