No. 22 1/2 Push knob Filler

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No. 35 Push knob Filler

This pen is from the personal collection of Joudenali. Watch out for reviews of truly rare pens from his treasure chest!

The body and cap of these Mesisterstück pens are believed to be made of celluloid, but one particular advertisement from the late 1920s showing this series of pens in its lever variant asserts that "In keeping with our tradition of quality, we do not make pens made from cheap celluloid material that is flammable; our material is absolutely breakage and fireproof". Now, I don't know if this means that the material itself is not celluloid (maybe Galalith/casein) or if the advertisement simply implied that the quality of celluloid used by Montblanc was superior.

c. 1930 Italian advertisement

The push knob filling system on this pen was known as Stoßfüller. It was advertised as being so convenient to use that it needed only a single hand to fill the pen. 

Over the years of its production, this series presented many variations - from safety filler to lever filler to push-knob filler; in colours like red, blues, greens, black, and more; with elongated cap-tops and regular cap tops; with many interesting kinds of clips; with different imprints on nibs; from small size 20 pens to large size 45 pens, and much more.


Check out the "pen history" section of our website for examples of all these variations!

c. 1932 German advertisement

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