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No. 72

The two digit series in the 1960s replaced the three digit series, except for the 149 whose production was uninterrupted. These pens were designed by Alexandra Count Goertz, who also designed for BMW!

The Meisterstück 72 from the 1960s came with a rolled gold cap and a winged nib that is slightly hooded or covered. The rolled gold means it has more gold deposited than a simple gold plate, and hence it holds better over time. I quite like the flat top and streamlined design of this pen. The body is in resin and the piston filler has a plastic seal which is very reliable.
Look at that lovely OBB nib! The nibs on the 7x and 1x series, both Meisterstück, are 18k gold instead of 14k gold on the 2x and 3x. The 7x and 1x series came with a lifetime guarantee.


I am not a fan of resin pens because the injection moulding makes it so perfect and flawless in finish that I feel the absence of any human element in its crafting. But, the two digit series is an exception for me - I quite like the design and also the size of the pen. The 7x is essentially identical to the 1x series, except that it has a rolled gold cap.


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