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No. 224 & 226 (Coral Red)

Alfred Oberg became Montblanc's official distributor in Denmark in the 1920s. From 1939 to the mid-1960s his company also started designing and manufacturing MB pens for the domestic market, but under the condition that the Danish designs would not be identical to the German ones. Interestingly, in 1944 when the Hamburg factory was bombed by Allied Forces, the Denmark factory was the only one in the world producing Montblancs.

The 22x is a button filler that looks pretty identical to the 24x except that it doesn't have an ink window because it is not a piston filler. Button fillers were made in Germany till about 1939, but were used in Danish pens till the early 1950s. The Danish-produced nibs show the size in the centre of the star imprint on the nib. I find that these nibs are more flexible than the German nibs from the same period, and they also seem to have less thickness of material than the German nibs. I believe these pens were made between 1941-1954, parallel to the piston filling 24x.

Montblanc 22x Danish Coral

The 244 and 246 we have here are of the lovely 'coral red' colour which was a distinct design element of Danish-made pens at the time. They also came in black, dark marbled green, and light marbled green.

This series was available in three sizes - the 222, 224, and 226. As per the numbering system adopted by Montblanc at the time, the last digit denotes the pen's size. The pictures above are of a mid-sized 224 while the collage below is of a larger 226. 

Montblanc 22x Danish Coral
Montblanc 22x Danish Coral

Book: Montblanc in Denmark, by Holten & Lund

A beautiful 226 belonging to Paul Farrell

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