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Montblanc Stationer & Sub-brands

During its early years, Simplo Filler Pen Co. also produced pens for popular stationery stores, under the brand names of those stores and not Montblanc. These pens are referred to as "stationer brands". At the same time, Montblanc, under its name, also produced and marketed sub-brands that were lower in cost than the main MB line-up. Check out some of the most popular stationer brand and sub-brand pens below!

Montblanc's ex-production manager started Astoria Füllfederwerk in 1921. After a decade, the company was bought over by MB and kept alive for a few years only. During its 15 year run, Astoria made some exquisite designs, regarded as highly collectable today. 

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Vintage Montblanc Astoria

Reflex was a sub-brand offered by Montblanc from very early in the 1900s, but sales really picked up in the 1920-30s. They were marketed as a low-cost student pen in some catalogues. 

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Vintage Montblanc Reflex

This sub-brand of Montblanc was made for a very short period and very specific clientele - British soldiers that were stationed in Hamburg between 1946-48. 

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Vintage Montblanc Victoria

Quail offered four brands of safety pens from 1910 till the early 1920s in Germany. The retailer's unique trademark imprint of a quail bird adorned its gold nibs.

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Vintage Montblanc Quail

This brand belonged to a Hungarian retailer and probably got its name from the Tatra mountains in Slovakia - the tallest mountain range in that region. These pens were produced between 1913-22. 

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Vintage Montblanc Tatra
M. Störtz

This pen was made by Montblanc for the stationer M. Störtz in Graz, Austria. These pens were produced and sold in the 1920s. 

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Vintage Montblanc Stortz
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