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Victoria 62

This pen is from the personal collection of Kawuska - an FPN member that has inspired many of us with his pen collection, photography, and craftsmanship in penmaking! 

Vintage Montblanc Victoria Sub-brand Pen

This sub-brand of Montblanc was made for a very short period and very specific clientele - British soldiers that were stationed in Hamburg between 1946-48. The brand name "Vicotria" must have been adopted to appeal to British sentiments. Even though there is no Montblanc brand identifier on the pen itself, the original box that it came with clearly says "MONTBLANC-SIMPLO-G.m.b.H".

The owner of this pen, who is also a pen maker, explains that it is made of inexpensive plastic with an injection moulded section. It has an aluminium cap ring and steel clip. While the pen might have been cheap at the time of its manufacture, it is a valuable collectable today! The near-identical model '65' is rated in Collectible Stars I as 11 out of 12 points on rareness with an estimated only 10 or so models to be found anywhere!

The pen is not too large, with a capped length of 11.29 cm, and cap OD of 13.76 mm.

The Victoria is a button filler or Druckfüller. This was a common filling system found in tier-3 pens like the 32x MB series or 32x Reflex series of an earlier period. The button is pushed which leads to the bending of a pressure bar which in turn presses against a latex sac which fills with ink once the button is released. A blind cap then covers the button.


It is a simple, economical, but efficient system!

Vintage Montblanc Victoria Sub-brand Pen
Vintage Montblanc Button.jpg


Rösler, J., & Wallrafen, S. (2014). Collectible Stars I: 1908 - 1947. 

Vintage Montblanc Victoria Sub-brand Pen
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