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Learning Resources

These websites and books are treasure troves of information...

Fountain Pen Network

The world's largest online community of fountain pen enthusiasts. You will find lots of very valuable information on modern and vintage pens, restoration tips from pros and hobbyists, and so much more! The community is warm, welcoming, and very generous. I highly recommend becoming a member - its free!

Unmatched database / repository of vintage pen pictures and history.

Great resource for information on vintage Montblancs.

Nice collection of vintage catalogues and advertisements.

Collectible Stars I

Arguably the most important book that any vintage MB collector can have. 

Collectible Stars - 1946 to 1979

A quick follow up to Collectible Stars I, and precursor the soon-to-be-released comprehensive Collectible Stars II. 

Montblanc in Denmark

Everything you need to know about beautiful Montblancs manufactured in Denmark.

Montblanc Pens Made in Spain

Everything you need to know about beautiful Montblancs manufactured in Spain.

The Montblanc Diary and Collector's Guide

The Bible for Vintage Montblanc Collectors.

Fountain Pens of the World

Unmatched photographic quality of vintage and modern pens from around the world.

My Favourite Restorers

Franics Goossens - Belgium

Francis is always my first choice. His work is unparalleled, just like his professionalism and generosity. He is also my mentor.

Brad Torelli - USA

Brad can do some seriously creative and complicated restorations. 

Where I Buy Restoration Supplies

Indypendance - USA

Anderson Pens - USA

The Pendragons - UK

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