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No. L 30 Push knob Filler

This pen is from the personal collection of Joudenali. Watch out for reviews of truly rare pens from his treasure chest!

In 1924, Montblanc introduced the "Meisterstück" series which was intended to be the company's top-of-the-line offering. The initial models were safety fillers and lever fillers, and then in the early 1930s the push-knob filler variant was introduced. These pens were numbered based on their price. So, the No. 30 meant that it cost 30 Reichsmark (RM) which was the currency in Germany at the time.  

The "L" series of the Meisterstück line is the 'streamlined' variant - the cap top is long and torpedo-shaped rather than short and flat-round (see for example here ->No. 25 lapis). The "L" in its model name stands for luxus or luxury. The L series pens were alsoavailable in a gold and green colour (link).


This pen has a beautiful classic ball clip, though we see the L series more commonly with the 'teardrop' clip which looks very similar (but instead of a ball at the end has a teardrop-shaped piece). As per Collectible Stars I, the ball clip is period correct since it was made till 1932, and hence I believe it should be possible and appropriate on this pen

The push knob filling system on the L30 was known as Stoßfüller. It was advertised as being so convenient to use that it needed only a single hand to fill the pen. The barrel imprint of "DRP 508058" refers to the Stoßfüller patent.  You can read the entire patent here -> link

The L30 has a size 235 14c gold nib with the "M" and "4810" imprints. The nib size is quite large, in fact it is the second largest size in the series.


Left to Right - L30, L27 1/2 and L 40


The L30 was made between 1931-34 in Germany. It is a highly collectable pen and the pearl and black colour is exquisite! This particular pen owned by Jordi is even more special because of how well it has held its colour over the past 90 years. The black and pearl celluloid material inevitably deteriorates over time and the pearl turns to a yellowish amber. But not this pen! Jordi's L30 is as close to the original colour as we can experience today. Compare it next to examples of two other pearl and black L's featured on this website (see pic). 


The L30 is quite long, measuring 14 cm capped. The body and cap of these Mesisterstück pens are believed to be made of celluloid, but one particular advertisement from the late 1920s showing this series of pens in its lever variant asserts that "In keeping with our tradition of quality, we do not make pens made from cheap celluloid material that is flammable; our material is absolutely breakage and fireproof". Now, I don't know if this means that the material itself is not celluloid (maybe Galalith/casein) or if the advertisement simply implied that the quality of celluloid used by Montblanc was superior.

Notice that this pen has "Masterpiece" and not "Meisterstück" imprinted on its cap. Similarly, pens from this series that were made for Italy were imprinted with "Capolavoro", and those made for the French market said "Chef D'œuvre". They all mean the same thing.

For bibliography, see Resources page -->link

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