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No. 744

Here we have a rather beautiful 744 fountain pen and matching 772 pencil set in a "luxury" box that came free with the set. The 744 pictured here is made of "900" silver, produced between 1951-54. According to catalogues, the 744 was larger and made for men while the 742 was smaller and made for women. The 74x was available in 14k gold, rolled gold, or silver, as part of the Edelmetall (precious metal) Meisterstück series. The silver was the cheapest in price at the time, however, it is the rarest to find today because it was made for a shorter time than the 14k gold and rolled gold options. The 74x operates a telescopic piston system. The design is rather distinct, only similar to the the 64x (which has the precious metal cap but a celluloid body), and the 275 which was the Danish version of the German 64x (except that the 275 was a button filler). There is also an "N" version of the 74x which has the winged nib like the 25x series. 


A beautiful 744 and 772L set belonging to Christian Ott


A beautiful 744 and 772L set belonging to Christian Ott

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Catalogues from the 1950s advertising different versions of the 74x

The chasing on the 744 overlay here is identical to that on one of my safety pens (link). Notice the beautiful and crisp-lined ink window on this example owned by Christian Ott. The caps on the 74x were slip on, not threaded. The nib of the 744 here is the typical 14x series bi-coloured 14c type with the ski-slope feed.

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