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No. 244 Tiger Eye

My 244 has the lovely "Tiger Eye" colour from the mid-1950s. This 244 is very different from the Danish 244 design mainly in terms of (a) the rounded top here v/s the pointed cap top (b) the spade clip here v/s the prismatic clip. I find the spade-shaped clip quite distinguishing when compared to other MB models.

Vintage Montblanc No. 244 Tiger Eye / Arco

Apparently, this colour and design was super popular in Germany and so MB Denmark requested for it to not be released in the Danish market in order to protect sales of the local design.

Vintage Montblanc No. 244 Tiger Eye / Arco

The 244 is a piston filler, not the telescopic kind but rather similar to the kind found in my Danish collection and found on the 3xx series and even later production 2xx series. The mechanism was referred to as "Kontolfüller (Kolben-Mechanik)" or control filler with piston mechanic. Advertised as "extremely stable because it had brass and not rubber spiral - to protect against the unintentional turning of the piston".

Vintage Montblanc 2xx / 3xx piston mechanism


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