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No. 334 1/2

The 334½ was produced before, during, and a little after WWII. This one in my collection is from 1947-52 since it has two gold rings on its cap and has a 14k gold nib inscribed with 4½ to denote that it is the correct size for this pen. It is interesting to note that the catalogue of the 1930s suggested that the 3xx series could be exchanged within a year for the "Meisterstück" series or 13x series for simply the difference in price between the pens. As per Montblanc Diary, however, only 5% of the customers actually exercised this option!

Vintage Montblanc 334 1/2

I suspect that this pen was replaced the button filling 324 which is really quite similar. One key difference from the 324 is that the 334½ is a piston filler. As you can see to the right, the pen was available in black, blue, green, and other colours. 

Vintage Montblanc 334 1/2

It is so interesting that MB felt the need to have a ½ size in the lineup. To me, this makes the pen rather special. There was a 333½ made as well.

Vintage Montblanc 334 1/2

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