No. 45 K-type Push knob Filler

This pen is from the personal collection of Joudenali. Watch out for reviews of truly rare pens from his treasure chest!

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This pen was made in Hamburg between 1931 - 1936 for the German market. We know exactly where this pen was sold because the store's name is imprinted on the cap. Montblanc would do this for special retailers. In this case, the cap of the pen bears the imprint "M Weidler Wien" which refers to Max Weidler Füllfeder Vertriebsgesellschaft - well known as the first stationery shop in Austria, founded in 1888 and running even today. Back in the day, its client's included royalty from the courts of Austria, Romania, and Bulgaria!

Weidler store today! Pic credit ->

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