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An Interview with Poul Lund

April 2019

Poul Lund is co-author, with Claus Holten, of one of the most definitive books on Montblanc vintage pens - Montblanc in Denmark 1914-1992: The Untold Story. The quality of pictures, neat presentation, and detailed history make this book one of my favourites. I highly recommend adding it to your collection -->www.montblanc-in-denmark.com

No. 4 Flat top fountain pen and No. 30 1/2 pencil in brown marbled colour

No. 6 bandless in BHR

No. 25 high top fountain pen and No. 17 pencil in green marbled colour

No. 25 short top in green marbled colour

No. 40 in coral red colour