Rouge et Noir No. 122

The section end of this particular pen model is rather interesting. Most catalogues for similar models show the section threads right at its tip like safeties from later years. But, this particular pen has a flared section end and the threads that engage with the cap are actually inside the barrel, as can be seen in this picture.

This pen is from the personal collection of Marcwithac - a generous contributor on FPN and vintage pen collector with exceptional taste!

Picture: Collectible Stars I, by Wallrafen & Rösler

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Notice the absence of the Montblanc star on the cap top. This is because the star was only introduced in 1914, before which the ReN line had full-red cap tops. During this time, white cap tops were made too, but for the "Montblanc" line of pens. It is said that the star cap top came into design to battle counterfeiters that could easily copy the full red or white cap tops.

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